Whispering Shrike

The former weapon of Tsutamu

weapon (melee)

+1 Wakizashi

1d6 Piercing or Slashing damage
18-20 x2
Deadly trait (Coup De Grace attempts add +4 to the fortitude save against death when using this weapon)

+1 to Attack Rolls

Requires either Exotic Weapon Proficiency or taking a -4 penalty to use. Otherwise will act as a +1 Short Sword.

Once per day, Whispering Shrike can be used to cast Shield Other on any creature touched by the blade while you wield it.

Has a damaged hilt and attacks with the weapon take a -2 penalty until repaired.


The sword is etched with images of seven shrikes perched on a coiling branch that runs the length of the blade.

Whispering Shrike

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