Some initial statistics I’ve worked on figuring out for how the caravan will start before player involvement. I haven’t finished looking at what possible jobs each PC can take yet.

Caravan Jobs

Caravan Starting Composition:
Covered Wagon 1
Fortune Teller’s wagon 1
Supply Wagon 1

Base Statistics:
Offense 1
Defense 1
Mobility 1
Morale 1
Speed 32
Hit Points 70
T Capacity 8
C Capacity 20
Consumption 14


Sandru Driver, Guard, Passenger, Trader, Wainwright
Koya Fortune-Teller, Guard, Healer, Passenger, Spellcaster
Ameiko Cook, Entertainer, Fortune-Teller, Guard, Passenger, Spellcaster, Trader
Shaelu Guard, Passenger, Scout
Bevelek Driver
Vankor Driver
Drummond Fortune-Teller, Healer, Wainwright (GM Ruling since he specializes in wooden armor), Guard, Guide, Scout, Spellcaster
Tamarrion Trader, Guard, Entertainer (GM Ruling, sleight of hand as stage magic)
Kamahl Scout, Guard
Tensuun Trader, Spellcaster, Guard

Highest Possible Numbers freely available:
Cook 1 Driver 3 Entertainer 2 Fortune-Teller 2 Guard 8 Guide 1
Healer 2 Hero 4 Scout 3 Spellcaster 3 Trader 3 Wainwright 2

Cooks: 1 Ameiko
Drivers: 3 Sandru, Bevelek, Vankor
Entertainers: 5 Ameiko, Tamarrion; Koya, Drummond, Tensuun as Spellcasters
Fortune-Tellers: 3 Koya, Ameiko, Drummond
Guards: 8 Sandru, Koya, Ameiko, Shaelu, Drummond, Tamarrion, Kamahl, Tensuun
Guides: 4 Drummond; Koya, Ameiko, Tensuun as Spellcasters
Healers: 4 Koya, Drummond; Ameiko, Tensuun as Spellcasters
Scouts: 6 Shaelu, Drummond, Kamahl; Koya, Ameiko, Tensuun as Spellcasters
Trader: 4 Sandru, Ameiko, Tamarrion, Tensuun
Wainwright: 2 Sandru, Drummond


Jade Destiny Tensuun